"Mickey was fantastic to work with! He really knows his stuff! I have had pretty bad back issues for a long time due to being out of alignment and he was able to work out a lot of the kinks. I'm literally standing up straighter and sleeping better!" - Samuel W.

"Mickey’s been working on me since December. The fact that I am even ambulatory now says a lot about the work he has done on me. November and December I was a zombie walking. Just in lots and lots of pain. Thank you KämÄ“ Bodywork for relief." - Vinod

"Mickey is the man for whatever is ailing you! I have been dealing with thoracic outlet syndrome for a couple years now with no hope of getting better. It's been a few weeks since he has worked on me and the pain is nearly gone. I'm sleeping better than ever! Schedule an appointment with him. You'll wish you'd have done it sooner!" - James S.

"Mickey has been able to target the muscle tightness causing hip pain and alignment issues. He has gotten to the root of the problem that chiropractic care was only masking. He’s amazing!! He listens to you when you tell him what is hurting or bothering you and treats your problem areas appropriately! Highly recommend him!!" - Amanda A.

"To describe Mickey’s skill set as massage therapy alone, would be a gross understatement. He is a magician of muscle manipulation! I’ve had a handful of massages over the years, and I can tell you his work is nothing like that. Gone is the one-hour session of lotion application, but rather an hour of real bodywork. After our session, my muscles felt lighter, my posture improved and the knots in my back were gone. Additionally, Mickey provides and demonstrates a variety of exercises and stretches to help continue self-rehab, long after your session. I highly recommended his services." - Melenie R.