What is bodywork?

Bodywork is a unique form of soft tissue manipulation that aims to restore muscle and postural imbalances, helping the body feel better, move better, and live better.

What to should I wear?

KämÄ“ bodywork is primarily performed over clothing. Comfortable and/or loose fitted clothing is recommended.


  • Top - t-shirt, tank top, *racer back tops recommended for cupping or muscle scraping.
  • Bottom - sport shorts, yoga/athletic pants


  • Top - t-shirt, *tank top /shirtless recommended for cupping or muscle scraping.
  • Bottom - short shorts

How many sessions do I need?

In most cases, our clients note significant improvements to total elimination of pain in as little as 1 - 3 sessions. Depending on hobby, lifestyle, and job demands, however regular maintenenace sessions may be recommended to address ongoing chronic issues.

Will I be sore?

It is common to experience soreness from 1 - 3 days following a bodywork session depending physicological factors, hydration level, and aftercare. It is recommended to drink plenty of water days prior to and especially after each session to help your body better flush out toxins released from the muscles.

Is bodywork painful?

Although deep pressure may be needed for specific techniques, it is adjusted to the client’s pain tolerance. There are two different types of pain, therapeutic and non-therapeutic. The aim is therapeutic; a phrase commonly stated by clients is, “It hurts so good.”