Kämē Bodywork is inspired by Origami, the Japanese art form of folding paper. Our body, much like a piece of paper, is very delicate and can bend, twist, tear, wrinkle, fold, and unfold. As the body navigates through life, it oftentimes adapts to lifestyle behaviors which may cause the soft tissues to change in such a way that “folds” the body. This folding, or holding pattern, affects the way our body moves. 

Kämē Bodywork’s primary goal is to eliminate pain naturally through unfolding the body, correcting posture, restoring joint movement, and improving life performance through a unique blend of bodywork techniques and self-care maintenance. 



Meet the Team 

Mickey Strauss, COTA/L, LMT, GTS

Mickey, a.k.a. Magic Muscle Man Mickey, is an occupational therapy assistant and licensed massage therapist with specialized training in the art of orthopedic manual therapy. He loves nothing more than to help people live pain free once again by using his intuitive gift to restore balance withing the body.

His unique blend of intuitive and integrated manual techniques provide him an effective treatment method to resolving pain naturally. Additionally, his heightened sense for visual and palpable details plays a large role in identifying holding patterns and muscle imbalances. As each human body is uniquely different, Mickey aims to tailor each session based on what the client needs to eliminate the source of pain.